About Us

The Mooie Life

 a Dutch-Filipino lifestyle brand

In this new era, we have recognized the necessity of prioritizing our physical and mental well-being. Like every young person, we vowed to make better lifestyle habits that will keep our life beautiful, whatever crisis comes about.

That is why we wanted to create better lifestyle solutions with products that do not add to the noise but rather help us focus on life's essentials.

Inspired by Dutch design's minimalism and wit, we create products that are frankly functional and unapologetically unique.

We wanted to begin with clothing for sleep — the most underestimated basic need pre-pandemic. We meticulously sourced and handpicked everything from the optimum fabrics for slumber, down to the packaging that will be delivered to your front door.

The Mooie Life Limited Edition Sleepwear Collection is designed to bring you your dream sleep. Made with the highest grade silk, Mulberry, our sleepwear sets will to give you the best comfort and quality that cotton or synthetic fabric can never replicate.